Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Lego Home for Mary Poppins Using Fractions

In maths, we were set a problem based around our class story 'Mary Poppins'

Since Mrs Banks chose to have four children, you are required to build and paint Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane to a particular spec. Unfortunately, Mr Banks says the 'Bank is broken' so you will just have to build the new house with Lego. 

A.) 1/4 must be blue, 1/4 must be red and 1/2 must be black
b.) 1/10 must be blue, 1/5 must be red, 1/5 must be black, 1/2 must be green.

Firstly, we had to work in groups to identify how many bricks were needed before finding the amount of each colour. We investigated different fractions and found equivalents of them and used these to build the new house.

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