Tuesday, 16 January 2018

KS1 P4C club

Today in P4C club, our stimulus was Agent Communicator.

The children were asked to think about what it meant to be a good listener. Charlotte suggested that a good listener is someone who tracks the speaker and doesn't fidget and Lily added that when you are listening you can't talk at the same time. 

This got us thinking about our enquiry question...
Is it always good to listen?

Sophie immediately answered with a definite no "because if they are a bad person you don't want to listen to them". Charlotte agreed and added "you shouldn't listen to strangers". Everyone agreed with this statement. Rosa suggested that "perhaps it depends on who it is you're listening to - if they're a teacher or something like that, you should listen. But if someone is saying something that might scare you, you should just not listen, especially if it's just before bed". We all agreed with this and Aron concluded that a lot of the time we should use our listening skills "especially with our mummys and daddys and teachers and police officers".

Following on from our discussion, the children designed a creature that would be an excellent listener. Features included "19 eyes", "feet that don't stomp", "echo location" and "huge ears". Three children chose to draw Rudolf "because he has to listen carefully to Santa's instructions".

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