Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Making the perfect hat!

This week in Reception, we have been making hats. 

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After reading Jim and the Beanstalk, we decided that it would be best to measure our heads beforehand to ensure the perfect fit! Using a piece of string, we helped one another to measure around our heads. We cut of the bits of string that we didn't need and had a discussion about whose piece of string was the longest in the group, and what this meant.

Once we had done this, we used Unifix cubes as a non-standard measure to see how long each piece of string was. After counting each cube carefully, we were able to confirm our thoughts after discussion. We realised that the bigger the number, the longer the measurement!

We used the Unifix measures to cut the blue strip of paper accurately, so we had just the right length for our hats. After securing them with a piece of sellotape with help from a friend, the children had a lot of fun adding decorations to their hats. Some children, like Riley even labelled it "krn" for 'crown'.

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