Sunday, 14 January 2018

'Lets go fly a kite' Science

In science, we have been learning about different forces. Our focus this week was centered around Mary Poppins and her umbrella and kite. We were given a choice of two challenges
1.) How size affects the speed at which an object falls.
2.) How the material affects the speed at which an object falls. 

Before starting the investigation, we had to plan a fair test using the three variables. For the 'size' investigation we had to measure three different size kites (25cm x 25cm, 30cm x 30cm and 35cm x 35cm) before cutting them out from a choice of 3 materials (black sack, fabric and tissue). We used stopwatches to record our answers before finding the average fall time.

We concluded that the larger the surface area, the more air resistance was apparent. We also noticed that the heavier materials fell quicker.

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