Tuesday, 23 January 2018

P4C club - Maths is not important!

Today in P4C club, Miss Lawrence needed some convincing. 
She was absolutely certain of one fact...

Maths is not important!

The children were up in arms! 
"Of course it is! We wouldn't have buildings or cars!" Roman explained. The children agreed and they all began discussing how wrong Miss Lawrence was!

They got to work writing posters to convince Miss Lawrence that she was very wrong indeed. Here are some of the children's reasons as to why Maths is important:

"Buildings can't exist without maths because they need measuring" Abigail

"But what about the cars and houses because there'll be no electrics?" Charlotte

"If you build a house even out of sticks it might be too light and that's measuring" Rosa

"You would need money in this day and age" Eddie

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