Saturday, 27 January 2018

Newsletter Year 4

Wow! What an another amazing fortnight in year 4.  We have been writing diaries in English, imagining ourselves as Polar explorers from the beginning of the 20th Century.  (However, we struggled slightly at imagining ourselves eating Pemmican or penguin!). Perhaps the most exciting news was emailing a real life polar scientist and learning that 100 years later he had an espresso machine in Antarctica!  In maths we have been exploring the properties of quadrilaterals and other polygons.  It blew our minds when we realised that a square is actually a special type of rectangle!  Science has been equally exciting when we made several new discoveries about air.  However, without a doubt. maths week has been our best week of the year so far.  It is hard to know whether we enjoyed the escape room challenge or the parent workshop the most as our smiles were equally broad!  Thank you for all your continuing support in our endeavours.

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