Monday, 4 June 2018

12th March 2018 Pupil Forum - Religious Education

As subject leaders, Miss Woodhouse and Miss Vickery were keen to hear pupils’ views on RE at Windhill21 so it was decided it would be discussed at Pupil Forum.
As a whole, it was agreed tht children found it interesting to learn about different religions. They were able to identify a number of different religions such as Muslim, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity -all of which had been taught in various year groups through the school.
Some children initially mistook ‘religion’ for ‘nationality’, but this was clarified by older members of the groups.

Children felt that learning about RE is important because:
“It helps you understand people.”
“It helps you know about others.”
“We should be aware of and respect peoples’ beliefs.”

Children said their favourite aspects of RE lessons were the stories told, but they felt their lessons could be improved by using more drama or videos and maybe visiting some places of worship.

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