Friday, 8 June 2018

What a shock we had after half term! We came into the classroom to find stuffing from a cushion all over the floor, eggs inside the hole in the cushion and droppings in the corners!  We thought it might be dragon eggs and were a bit concerned until we received a letter from the Dragon Association at the National History Museum explaining that they need our help to complete a book about dragons.  They had one report already about a Hertfordshire Ridgeback and, after reading it, we thought this might be the culprit of the mess!  But don't panic, it's a small dragon and is vegetarian!  Phew!  So, in order to help the museum, we have been busy learning about writing reports and learning our model to help us write some over the next few weeks.
In Maths we have begun learning about 2D shape and went on a shape hunt around the school.  We learnt about the properties of shapes, including lines of symmetry!  Science lesson have seen us begin a new unit about materials and Mrs L and Mrs Bassett took the children on a Material Safari!  They weren't just looking for different materials around the school but also had to decide why that material was chosen for that purpose.   We have also been busy learning our space themed songs for our music festival in a couple of weeks.  They are great songs and really get stuck in your head!

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