Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Snack time

Over the half term break the snack area in nursery has undergone a transformation with the addition of a new snack bar with tools such as peelers, chopping board and a place for the nursery children to wash up their own cups, bowls and plates.
Phoebe using our new orange peeling tool! Showing lots of patience and concentration to master this new skill.

We even have a new compost bin to recycle the  food waste.

Jaza loved washing up the bowls and even offered to clean her friends too!

It did get a bit bubbly though !!

Amelia worked hard to dry all the bubbles off her bowl before she out it away ready for the next person!
The children were very receptive to this, as Miss Woodhouse explained that this was how the big children in Reception had their snack and that we were getting ready to go into Reception by learning to do this!

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