Sunday, 24 June 2018

Year 4 Newsletter

Another busy fortnight in Year 4!  It started with the Life Education Bus where the children were taken on a 'journey' to the planet Conformatron as part of a number of exercises looking at when it is important to conform but also to celebrate the different choices we can make.  For the rest of term, we have combined our topic and English lessons to create non-chronological reports ready for our book launch.  As part of this we have been studying and locating the cities in the United Kingdom.  Perhaps the most intersting discovery was learning that Wakefield has been famous for growing rhubard for the last 200 years due to its perfect climate cold, wet climate. We have also continued our scientific explorations with rocks, using heat and pressure to make three different types of rocks with chocolate.  The highlight of the week, however, was Sports Day last Friday.  Not only did the children thoroughly enjoy participating in all the races, they also had the opportunity to study other countries in the morning.  Moore class learnt about different Noweigian traditions while Gormley class learnt the origins of the Canadian flag.  Both classes enjoyed taking part in arts and craft activities, telling traditional tales and experiencing military style dancing!

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