Thursday, 28 June 2018

Becoming a Storyteller

This week in Reception, the children have been reading in small groups, taking it in turns to read pages from a story. We worked on following the text with our finger carefully whilst our friend was reading so that we knew when it was our turn to read!

After a few days of building confidence within our guided reading groups, the children were set a challenge... to transform into Storytellers! We discussed what we needed in order to excite and engage our audience.

"We need to sit up straight and not 

put the book in our face otherwise we look shy"

"We need to look at our friends to see if 

they're enjoying the story"

"We need expression!"

We also thought about what made a good audience member, and the children all agreed that magnet eyes and listening ears were very important. Fletcher was an absolute role model!

With the Storyteller cape and chair at the ready, the children transformed before our very eyes...

Well done to Zak, Fletcher, Neirin, Jessica and Kayden who read beautifully to their friends! The children are very excited for our next Storyteller session!

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