Monday, 9 July 2018

DoodleMaths Summer Challenge



WIN! A 'back-to-school' kit, bag, limited edition DoodleMaths Summer 2018 pin badge and certificate by completing the challenge!
Are you ready? Come and join our #DoodleMathsChallenge this summer to combat summer learning loss and make sure your children get off to a flying start to the new academic year in September!
DoodleMaths, a personalised learning app-based programme, is academically proven to reverse summer learning loss, and can make all the following difference when it comes to summer learning. Here are just some of the benefits of children taking part in the challenge:
  • 4x less likely to experience summer learning loss
  • Increase maths confidence
  • Have fun learning
  • Combat learning loss
  • Help keep your children’s minds active
  • Develop perseverance

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