Friday, 13 July 2018

Meeting a Research Scientist: Reception

To celebrate the end of Aspirations Week, Reception were visited by a Research Scientist! Zak's Mummy brought in lots of different things from her lab for us to have a look at.

We learnt that Biologists have to make sure that they are protecting their bodies before conducting any experiments. To do this, they need to wear protective goggles, gloves and a lab coat. Experiments are carried out to find out ways in which we can make the world better, like curing diseases. 

 Once we had learnt a little bit about being a Scientist and conducting research safely, the children were invited to look at a lot of different things using microscopes, including frogs, butterflies, bees and even wool and sugar. One vial that the children inspected very closely was full of flies! Zak's Mummy works closely with flies because their brains are very similar to human brains (although they are quite different in size)!

The children later were overheard speaking about wanting to be a scientist when they grow up during their choosing time. Thank you to Zak's Mummy for inspiring Reception to be Agent Inquirers!

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