Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Fashion Designer!

In Reception we met a very inspirational Fashion Designer!

Frankie Karacochi came into Reception to talk to us about how he became a Fashion Designer. First he explained why we need clothes and asked the children some questions about what clothes are made of and where the materials came from.

Next Frankie explained that he wanted to be a designer because he loved to draw! He told us he wasn't a very good drawer but he was Agent Perseverance and kept on trying!
Frankie said that he started by designing a T-Shirt with 2 of his friends and after that became popular he designed another, the two T-shirts were sold in many sports shops.

Frankie showed us his designs and explained how he didn't just settle with the first drawing, he tried and tried again until he found the best!

After showing us his designs, Frankie showed us some of the hats he designed, we all had a chance to try them on and talked about the fabrics they were made of.

He also showed us his t-shirts and jumpers he made and how he started with one design and added on a logo to his design to make it even better.

After this the children started to design their own hats to show Frankie! They can't wait to see what he thinks!

Thank you so much to Frankie for coming into Reception to talk to us today.

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