Thursday, 22 March 2018

Baby dinosaurs

The mysterious and rather large eggs that were left in the nursery have finally hatched over the weekend and we now have 3 very cute but rather cheeky baby T-rex's in the nursery.  The discovery was made first thing on Monday morning  and great excitement ensued!! 
In order to look after these new additions we had to find out a bit about T-rex's and with the help of resident dinosaur expert Alfie and his friend Andy from Cbeebies we learnt that a T-rex had very sharp teeth and we needed to be careful when touching the babies. So we decided we needed some special dinosaur gloves to keep our fingers safe! 

The children were very kind and realised that the dinosaurs might be scared and so we needed to have our little voices with them in the nursery. Tiah suggested we read the dinosaurs a story and Ruben said we could give them a hug if they were feeling scared or sad.  Amelia H  suggested that they might be hungry and knew that T-rex's ate meat. 

All week the nursery team have noticed how kind and caring the children have been to our special visitors. 

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