Monday, 19 March 2018

Year 1 African Afternoon Fundraiser

Inspired by their learning about Africa, today Year 1 hosted their African Afternoon Fundraiser for WaterAid and raised an incredible £200! The afternoon opened with a presentation about WaterAid, which the children delivered confidently and passionately, to persuade the grown-ups to donate lots of money! Following this, Hepworth and Miro performed African singing and dancing.

The safari guides did a fantastic job of taking the parents on an African adventure to see all the animals in the Immersion Room!

The art exhibitors spoke clearly and articulately about their masks, how they made them and how they would be used.

The shopkeepers did a brilliant job of persuading customers to purchase bottles of water, which were decorated with handmade labels for WaterAid.

Over in the cafe, the children kept their visitors happy with cakes and squash!

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