Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Snow Centre

Friday saw the first of the two Spring Snow Centre trips. Children on this trip were returning for the second time and were aiming to improve previously learnt skills. All children demonstrated more independence with the use of their equipment and quickly remembered previously learnt skills. By lunch time all children on ski's were making 2 or 3 clear turns down the learner slope and the snowboarders were refining their heel edge and toe edge techniques into consistent skills.

The group settled down at lunch time for a nice cooked meal to warm themselves up and recharge their batteries ready for the afternoons sessions. Although they were all exhausted from the mornings lessons, the children excitedly shared stories and experiences of the morning activities over lunch and watched more experienced skiers and snowboarders from the ski lodge window.

After lunch the skiers started to move further up the slop to increase the length of their runs whilst linking controlled turns. The snowboarders were starting to traverse across the slope using a falling leaf technique. At the end of the day the children received progress medals from their instructors who were super impressed with their behaviour, attitude and perseverance.

More to follow after the second trip.

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