Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cassatt's final designs and prototypes

Reception thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon spent designing and making their 'future-ready' vehicles. Take a look at their final designs and prototypes below - could this be the future of transport?

Canada made a “submarine-car” which featured ‘sideways’ wheels and even a toilet and
a chimney! The driver’s seat was placed at the top so they could see all around. 

  India’s vehicle featured wings and came complete with a second detatchable ‘super car’. 
They were very thoughtful about the amount of wheels their vehicle needed.

France came up with a design that featured many different driving seats so that the
car could go lots of different ways. They even added a flag on top as a car badge. 

Sweden’s car featured springs so that it could jump over rivers, and a grate to allow the
steam to come off of the engine. The team decided to call the model “H2S04 BPS Car Flyer”

Mexico made a vehicle complete with rocket boosters and a ‘hoover button’ to allow
the car to clean as it drives around. Their car also came equipped with a second smaller car inside.

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