Thursday, 1 March 2018

Frozen dinosaur eggs!

Today we spoke about how snow and ice is formed and where it comes from. We talked about different weather that we experience and the seasons throughout the year that allow us to experience that. The children could say that we had ice and snow because it was so cold, Francis even said he knew it was -2 when he came to school. After our discussion about snow and ice Miss Clarke brought out some dinosaur eggs
(dinosaurs frozen inside water.)

We talked about how the ice was formed. The children were able to say that it had started as water and because it was put in the freezer it was turned into ice. Miss Clarke introduced the scientific words liquid and solid to the children to explain to them how the water had changed. 

We started to talk about how we could melt the ice to set the dinosaurs free.
The children came up with brilliant ideas such as:

-Using our breath because it is hot
-Holding it for as long as we could because our hands our warm
-Put it in the microwave
-Put it in the oven
-Put it somewhere warm in the classroom
-Bang it/crack it

The children set to work on trying to set free the dinosaurs from their frozen eggs!

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