Tuesday, 6 March 2018

We need some new pens...!

This week, children in Reception are practising how to 'take away' by finding out the answers to 'one less than' questions. To start off, the teachers wanted to challenge the children by writing some quickfire calculations on the whiteboard, to see if the children could recognise numerals and maths symbols. But we encountered a bit of a problem...

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We had 10 whiteboard pens to choose from at the beginning. Miss Lawrence chose her first pen and started to write... but the ink had dried up! So the children suggested that we throw that one away and try another pen. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again (and again, and again...)! It was a similar story for Miss Clarke in Degas class too! Each time we tried to start our lesson, the pen had dried up!

The children helped the teachers keep track of how many pens we had left, by taking one away each time. Some children used their fingers to help, others used a "number line in their head"!

The children were thoroughly engaged with this real life problem solving!

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