Friday, 23 March 2018

Dinosaur yoga adventure

Today we went on a dinosaur yoga adventure with Mrs Thompson!! We journeyed back through time in our space machines to discover volcanoes erupting with hot lava and dinosaurs roaming the earth! But first we had to make our bodies calm by practicing our belly breathing. To help us Mrs Thompson brought us some belly buddies!

The children were soon experts at making their belly buddies go up and down as they breathed in and out. After we were calm we were able to discover lots of different kinds of dinosaurs and practiced stretching and bending our bodies to look like different dinosaurs!

Ready to erupt like a fiery volcano

Flying like a Pterodactyl 

The Nursery teachers were so impressed by the super listening skills the children showed as they wholeheartedly joined in the sessions. As we left Ronnie told his friend "That was really fun!"  A great session for all!! Thank you Mrs Thompson from "The Wonder tree"! 

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