Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hide and seek

The children have been playing games of hide and seek using the sand tray this week. They have been engaged in burying various objects in the sand for their friends to find and trying to match them to the picture cards on the wall. Nico proudly found a pirate and showed me the "p" on the poster. Alfie listened carefully to his friends talking about finding Mr Potato head's nose and found "n" all by himself! 

Our letter for the week is "O" and after an interactive leapfrog session the children have been busy practicing writing this letter using the new rhyme "all around the orange." They have been painting pictures of different things that begin with the letter "O" too.   Brooke and Seba painted a picture of an orange!

Friday's show and tell session will be based on the letter "O" too!  We look forward to seeing what you can find at home !!

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