Thursday, 22 April 2021

Sparta vs Athens!

 Year 6 have been learning about the sound of the ‘polis’ and the city states of Athens and Sparta. Never have two such geographically close places been so culturally diverse!

We discovered that while Spartan women enjoyed more rights than their Athenian counterparts....if you were born a sickly baby, you were left on a mountain top to die in Sparta!

Also, those warrior types may have enjoyed the Spartan training in lieu of schooling - but the lack of culture may have made some Ancient Greeks long for Athenian shores.

One thing is for certain...the year group are currently #teamSparta. Check back to see if this changes as we explore this ancient grudge match....

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Life of a Suffragette

 This afternoon, the children in Year 5 discovered different events that happened during the time of the Suffragettes and they learned when the Suffragette period stared. The children were set the task to order the events on a timeline and infer information from their timeline. 

Votes for Women!

 Year 5 this week have been examining multiple sources of evidence to understand the deeds that suffragettes committed in order to get the vote! 

Deeds not words, was a famous phrase used by the suffragettes. The children were shocked to learn about some of the actions the women took and were able to draw opinions on our key question, whether or not the suffragettes were clever or criminal. 

Monday, 19 April 2021

Let’s ‘discus’ DT!

 Year 6 have continued on their artistic journey marrying together DT and history in beginning to create their own Greek sculptures, depicting Olympic sportsmen as painted on vases from the period. 

The children sketched their figures using poseable mannequins and are now building these using tin foil - keeping in mind relative proportions and realistic poses! 

Next week they will be adding paper mache layers to further enhance their work....and give to their bodies!

Year 1 Newsletter

 Our wonderful resilient Year 1 children have settled in back to school brilliantly and have been really busy over the past week!  

They have been incredible word detectives in our English lessons, looking carefully for different features of diary recounts, after Mrs Smith and Mrs Witney read from their diaries last Monday.  They had brilliant sharp eyes and found them all!  They are very excited about writing in their own homemade diaries after making the front covers using a special art medium called Brusho, in an art lesson.   

In the first PE lesson of a new unit, the children have been learning some new tennis skills!  They were fantastic and everyone persevered with trying to improve.  

   In Science we have been building on our learning from before Easter by comparing the bodies and other features of amphibians and reptiles.  The children amazed us with how much they had remembered about these two family groups!  They chose an animal from one of the groups and made it out of clay, using tools to add details. 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Year 6 Newsletter

What an egg-stra-ordinary start to the new term in Year 6!  Inspired by a dragon's egg that was sited on our own school field, we have been honing our reporter skills in English to produce newspaper reports on this egg-u-cational event. It has also been a great opportunity to learn about reported speech and passive voice. Watch out for some pun-tastic articles that will be coming your way! 

In Science, we have been absolutely fascinated to learn about Charles Darwin and the concept of Evolution.  We have been bursting with many questions whilst reading 'On The Origin of Species' by Sabina Radeva, though not all of use approve of the idea of 'Survival of the Fittest' which seems slightly counter intuitive to our desire for equality! Our minds were blown further to think of the ground acting as a time capsule for fossils, capturing the evolution of life since the beginning of life on Earth!

In maths, we have been collecting and analysing data, learning how to calculate averages in the form of 'mean'.  Did you know that the mean shoe size in Year 6 is 4.8?  In reading, we have been diving deep into our dystopian novel, "Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho Yen.  There are some fascinating parallels with the current pandemic which has helped us to empathise with characters and to spark our interest in reading on. 

We have also found time to get stuck into this term's topic, Ancient Greece.  As well as learning about the location and chronogy of Ancient Greece, we have started on a DT project linked to Ancient Greece in the form of creating sculptures inspired by the Ancient Greek Olympics, as depicted on pottery at the time. In our first lesson, we used mannequins to understand the proportions of the human form and explored various poses that we might wish to use for our models.  Make sure you dip into the blog to see our progress over the coming weeks!  

Year 4 newsletter

Along with the rest of school, Year 4 have been busy this week after the discovery of a dragon's egg in the Windhill21 school grounds!  We have since been visited by a Dragonologist who explained some specifics about the egg and the dragon that had left it!  This week, we will be finishing our news paper articles which include eye witness quotes, an expert opinion and the sequence of events that took place last Monday! 

We have also however been busy in our science topic!  We have become experts in the human digestive system by getting hands on....!  We used potato mashers, sieves, plastic bowls and bags to represent different aspects of the digestive system.  Everyone had a great time 'making poo...!'