Monday, 11 July 2022

Year 6 Newsletter

 Year 6 have had another wonderful fortnight - busy with everything from preparing for our end of year show, to learning Portuguese!

In our Amazing Places lessons, we have continued to explore South America, this time voyaging to the marvellous country that is Brazil. From the lush Amazonian rainforests to the might of the Amazon river - the children were fascinated to learn more about this truly amazing place. Not content with just learning about the geography of Brazil, we whole-heartedly embraced the culture - and have learned all about the Samba, even creating our own Samba beats! We also had a Portuguese lesson, as the children were interested to learn that Brazil is the only South American country where Spanish isn't the main language spoken.

We have also continued to expand on our geographical knowledge by creating some accurate 3D contour maps - and enjoying competitive geography quizzing...the children are becoming country, capital, and continent experts!

The children have also been working their absolute hardest in rehearsals for our show; we really cannot wait to showcase to everyone what we have created. A marvel of song, dance, comedy, and West End level acting!

Finally, we were delighted to welcome parents in for a 'Celebration of Work' - the children were immensely proud, and rightly so, of their beautifully published pieces of writing, creative artistry, and even excellent French role play skills...and who doesn't want to be served a delicious pain au chocolat on a warm Friday afternoon?!

Well done, Year 6, you have - as always - worked your hardest, shown your enthusiasm for learning and knocked our socks off with your acting abilities.

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