Friday, 12 February 2021

Happy Chinese New Year from Reception!

In Reception we are celebrating Chinese New Year! Many of the children worked hard to produce extra work for the week based on this special occasion. Alonso and Molly shared their experiences and crafts with friends during show and tell sessions and this inspired their friends to share their experiences too!
Alonso drew this picture to tell the story of Nian - the lion/dragon dance story. He has also been busy making New Year cards for his family! And Molly made everyone jump with her fearsome puppet!

Mia shared with us that in Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), traditional stories are told about different characters. Lion is fierce and will scare germs way. Dragon comes with fire and burns away bad luck, lightens up the dark and means that hard times are over .

Mia also shared with us, on the night of New Year's Eve, a bowl of rice dumplings in soup is shared with the whole family. It symbolises reunion meaning every family member can always stay together closely, in harmony, and peacefully.

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

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