Monday, 19 July 2021

Maths all around - Year 3

                                                                   Maths all around us

On Friday, we were exploring all the uses that maths can have in everyday life and we realised that we use it for lots of different things! We spent the morning outside putting all of our maths knowledge to work. 

Task 1:
This task drew upon our understanding of measurements that we have been learning about over the last week. We were each given a container and had to estimate (which we learnt meant to make a sensible guess) how many litres of water that the container could hold. This was a great reminder of our key words volume and capacity. We used a range of different beakers, flasks, cylinders and jugs to measure out the water and helped us to recognise that each container could hold different amounts of liquid and we could use our skills in addition to work out the total volume of water. 

Task 2: 
This task was great at helping us work together as a whole class as we created a class pictogram based on our favourite colours. We used this information to discover the most and least popular colours which helped us to work out the difference as well. 

Task 3: 
We were challenged by Mrs Moore to find an area for the chickens to explore. We used squares on the playground and metre wheels to work out the perimeter of different sized areas. This then helped us to work out how big an area the chickens could have and how many fences she would need. What a great challenge! 

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