Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Year 3 prepare for battle!

 Art/Design Technology

Today in year 3, we have researched all about Roman shields. We discovered lots of interesting information about things such as: 

  • The designs that would often be on the shields.
  • What the shields wold be made from.
  • How the handles were fastened, including our own research on how we could attach our handles.
  • The shape and size of Roman shields.
  • Why shields were used and how they could be used in battle.
We used our artist skills to: 
  • Created a design based on Roman gods and other traditional designs.
  • Practiced upscaling our designs from our practice A4 to our final A3 work.
  • Practiced how to hold our paintbrushes and use beautiful long brush strokes in the same direction.
  • Used a variety of different brush sizes to create intricate details and make our work stand out. 
We used our design technology skills to: 
  • Explore what materials were used for real life Roman shields and why.
  • Practiced different ways to attach our handles using a range of different materials.
  • Using a pinch and snip technique to cut out a boss for the centre of our shield. 

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