Thursday, 10 June 2021

Reception: Degas on the Farm!

On Thursday, the children in Degas class came into class with an extra spring in their step as they were going to spend some time with the animals from Gemma's Farm!

Gemma and Mason introduced us to lots of different animals, including lambs, goats, ducks, ponies, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and even a rather smelly ferret! The children loved meeting the animals and were very brave to even hold some of them. Take a look at just some of the photos from the day:

"I like stroking the horses and the goats the best."

"We also met some baby chicks! They were so soft but very fast!"


"The guinea pigs had funny hair!"

"I loved feeding the lambs, they were so strong!"

"The bunny rabbits were so soft!"

"The chickens were so fluffy!"

"I loved all of it!"

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