Thursday, 10 June 2021

Year 6 Newsletter

"Poetry is a load of old nonsense!" exclaimed Year 6 as they were immersed into the world of Edward Lear (and his nonsense poems). As well as getting started with production rehearsals and meeting our new secondary schools, we are immersing ourselves in all things poetry over the next few weeks as part of poetry fortnight.   What better place to start than with limericks! It was certainly fun to write our own and make each other laugh.  We have also enjoyed our teachers bursting into random poetry performances or reading poetry from their own chidhoods (and we have been finding poetry in unusual places all around school). In guided reading, we have dived into classical poetry, critically examining three very different poems: "Colonel Fazackerly Butterworth Toast" by Charles Causley, "Night Mail" by W H Auden and "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  Each year 6 class will perform one of these poems at the KS2 poetry slam at the end of the month.  Finally, after discovering that poetry is a form of rap with unusual patterns of rhythm and rhyme, we have begun our writing unit, preparing leavers' raps.  Whilst they are bound to reflect emotion, they will nowhere near the length of the Ancient Greek poems, The Illiad or The Odyssey which spanned several books! Look out for more poetry-related works over the next coupld of weeks.

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