Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Year 1 Newsletter

These past two weeks, Year 1 have loved learning more about life at the seaside. We've been sorting the physical and human features of coastal areas and we have begun to compare life at the seaside nowadays to in the Victorian times. We looked at the new school timeline and watched a fun video all about Magic Grandad who went back in time and visited a beach in the Victorian times. We even had a special treat and got to eat a Hokey Pokey! This is a type of ice cream from the 1900s when people ate it from a piece of grease proof paper. 



We also had a fantastic day last Monday when we all dressed up for World History Week. The children loved getting in to character as their historical people. We all talked about who we had researched and then wrote about them as well. It was a lovely day!


As well as all this, we discovered a dragon's egg on the school grounds! Much excited talk and lots of wonderful writing has been going on since our discovery. The children have made their own diary and are writing detailed accounts of how they felt when they saw the dragon's egg saw and what it looked like. We've been wowed by their writing!

          As scientists,  we has some very smelly learning last week, when we answered the big question...

What makes a fish, a fish?

We watched a video all about the incredible features of fish and what they use them for.  Then we made close observations of some real fish using magnifiers, finding all the different parts that we had seen on the video.   Finally, the children made careful drawings of the fish and labelled them with their special features, such as scales, fins and gills. 


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